Tuan Tai Le

Østfold University College offers a range of choices to students. With modern and well-equipped laboratories in the school, every geek student will have their tech curiosity satisfied. Besides, my classes are designed with a small number of students but highly interactive between attendants. Therefore, I have chances to discuss in depth with lectures during classes and even after classes with helpful student assistants.


The Faculty of Computer Sciences has invested in humans by employing many experts in different fields who are willing to mentor students with the exercises, thesis and even scientific publication. During my time here, I spent good time doing what I like in Machine Learning and received supports from the school. Free of choice and fun are the core values that Østfold University College is offering students.

2nd master student in Applied Computer Science

Hoa Thi Nguyen

Why should you study AI in Halden? Well, why should you not? If you think life is all about studying and working, you are missing a huge part of the game. Come here and try new things. Let me tell you my experience. I grew up and had spent all my life in Vietnam, a country halfway across the globe from Norway. The difference between the time zones is five hours. When I first travelled here, I felt almost like I was in a different dimension. Everything was different and foreign, even the first time it snows. And it’s thrilling.


Studying at Østfold University? The school is well-equipped with newest technologies and student are always encouraged to try new ideas. During my study, I had worked with gesture recognition from electromyography signal and my first job was working with eye-tracking technologies. The school also has close relationship with high-tech companies in the area, so the study program is not drifting too far from the real industry. 10/10 recommended.

Researcher at IFE

Nhan Van Nguyen

After a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at HCMUT and a master’s degree in Applied Computer Science at Østfold University College, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree in deep learning at the UiT Machine Learning group. I joined eSmart Systems in 2016 as an industrial Ph.D. student to work on image analysis for automatic autonomous vision-based power line inspection.


Since joining eSmart, I have had a wonderful professional journey. The three years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth process. From the start, I have been impressed with how well-staffed the company is, with the right mix of expertise, an excellent plan for accomplishing the work, and managers with great vision. eSmart envisions a future of sustainable societies. The company’s mission is to create intelligent solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. To achieve the mission, eSmart uses insightful planning for growth, employs the best resources for each challenge, and continually looks ahead to future needs. Also, eSmart maintains a great company culture that demonstrates high ethics and values as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported, and proud of their work. I genuinely couldn’t imagine a better place to work.

Senior Data Scientist at eSmart systems

Huyen Thi Phuong Vu

I received a bachelor’s degree from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. After finishing bachelor program, I was admitted for a master program at Østfold University College in Halden.


I have been working for eSmart Systems since October 2016. eSmart is such a great startup company growing rapidly where employees can have amazing opportunities to pursue a career, not only a job. At eSmart I have gained knowledge and experience by working with exciting projects for customers from all over the world, it is a continuous learning process that enriches me in my career path and personal life. Choosing a company to work for is very important because it is the place you spend at least 8 hours a day, and at eSmart, I feel like we are a big family where we trust and support each other to grow and achieve success. eSmart provides good working environment with fun and interesting social activities to bond employees together, so I can find not only good colleagues, but also good friends for life.

Data Scientist at eSmart systems