The Center for Applied AI has Norway’s best environment for research of applied AI with more than 30 years of experience in practical applications of AI.

Smart Innovation Norway

Smart Innovation Norway is a non-profit research and innovation company focusing its research on Smart Energy Systems, Smart Cities and Communities and Applied Artificial Intelligence.


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Smart Innovation Norway is a research organization situated at Halden Innovation Park. 

Institute for Energy Technology

At IFE, we research how AI can support people, society, industry and the business community from the in-house manufacture and testing of smart sensors, to development of intelligent systems for decision support, condition monitoring, process optimization, through to studying the effects of human-automation and human-robot interactions.

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We are an independent foundation and one of the world’s foremost research communities on energy, located in Halden and Kjeller. We have developed unique skills over 70 years of world-leading researchers and outstanding international projects in our reactors and laboratories.

eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems builds and delivers the next generation software solutions for inspections of powerlines, grid maintenance planning and energy flexibility optimization. We target utilities worldwide and offer reduced costs and prolonged asset life with the use of our AI-powered solutions.

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eSmart Systems AS is a developer of disruptive intelligent analytics targeting utility and energy markets. Key owners of the company are Kongsberg Digital, Energy Impact Partners, Equinor Venture, Nysnø, innogy Ventures and several Norwegian utilities.

Østfold University College

With a 30+ year experience with machine learning, the Faculty of Computer Sciences provides an excellent research based master programme in close collaboration with our partners in the Centre for Applied AI.  The university has over 7,700 students and 620 employees distributed between two campuses.  Over the last years the faculty has made strong investments in computing resources and people to further strenghten its role in machine learning research and education.

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At Østfold University College you will find highly competent researchers and lecturers with machine learning and data analysis as the focus area.

Halden Municipality

Halden and Svinesund form the gateway to Norway, strategically placed between beautiful skerries on one side and large forests and lakes on the other. Oslo is situated just under two hours to the north, with Gothenburg about the same distance to the south.

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Halden Municipality has set itself the goal of being Norway's most innovative municipality, and has started the Smart City Halden program to contribute to this.